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The Lair of The Dark Savant

Знание Тьмы...

The How to Crack a Program series


How to Crack a Basic Trial Application / Software in 5 mins with OllyDbg (EyeTwig Tracker Trial)
In this Tutorial, we crack a Face Tracking application called EyeTwig Tracker.

We use OllyDbg 2.0 to open the .exe to view its Assembly code, we then search for a string that will let us find the conditional jump that makes the Trial stop working after 7 days.

Then with 2 keystrokes (Yes, only change 2 letters) the application is cracked.

It may sound complicated to some, But trust me, it's very simple indeed.

Uploaded to www.fkn0wned.com by Dark Savant

In the next video I will take it to the next level, of using a program to edit the forms of the application and add controls to it (Adding your own text, buttons, images, etc.) - Practically Redesigning the application you cracked ;)

This video is purely for educational purposes.
Download Links:

-EyeTwig Tracker: http://www.eyetwig.com/

-OllyDbg 2.0: http://www.ollydbg.de/odbg200.zip


How To Use ResHacker to Reverse Engineer the GUI of an application
This part will show you how to alter the GUI of an existing application that we cracked before in Part 1 with an Application called ResHacker (Resource Hacker), we will alter the Dialogs and Add our own text field to put our own visual signature inside the application. We will then Compile it back, and It will be ready for Distribution.


ResHack - Download Here: http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/


How to use UPXGui to pack an executable
This Video shows the use of UPXGui to pack an executable to a state that is ready to be released.


I always wondered how the guys like Skidrow and ViTality did what they do. So I decided to teach my self. This knowledge I gained independant of any other help and wanted to teach others. I hereby give you this series of videos teaching you what I have learned. I took my time out to create these videos and they took effort, so I would like to ask for just a little bit of support - please show your support by subscribing to my youtube channel or just leaving a comment of what you think on a video it means a lot - especially since I take time out of my busy schedule (I'm an engineering undergrad) to make these videos. Once again, thanks for all the support!
Happy Cracking!

OllyDbg is an x86 debugger with the main purpose of binary code analysis. This makes it an extremely powerful tool for software reverse engineering when source code is not directly available. It allows us to open up almost any program and see exactly how it works - the best part about this is not only can we see how it works, but we can also change this code for our own use whether it be to improve upon the idea, or simply to hack it.



ResHack is a great tool used to modify program or operating system elements such as icons by extracting resources for executable files (exe's)
This is a great and fun tool to change the GUI of an application and for example - if you crack an application and would like to add your name somewhere on the program then you can do so.


UPXGui is an application I developed some time ago which uses UPX - the cracking industry's most popular exe packing algorithm. UPXGui provides the power of UPX with the combination of super functional and easy to use GUI that makes it easy to use for the beginner. An exe packer is simply a file compressor that preserves the .exe extension - meaning a compressed exe can still run and function exactly as a normal one.

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