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The Lair of The Dark Savant

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MW2 Fully Automatic FAL Hack (Completed)

FAL Full Auto Hack by DARK SAVANT (Korn101)

Created in: Visual Studio 2010 C# therefore it requires the latest .NET framework.


Turn the Single Fire FAL into the most deadly weapon in the game.

I recommend the use of the Extended Magazines attachment, otherwise the clip will run out to fast.




 *Sorry for the Video Quality, it lags and doesn't demonstrate how fast it actually fires.

VAC Status:

This hack is undetectable, because all it does is output mouse clicks at 55ms Intervals. It does not inject any code into the game.


-Install the included minecraft.ttf Font, it's the font that the application uses.
(Credits to: Fireball7548 - from www.worldofminecraft.com)

-Run FullFAL.exe
-Right Click anywhere on the form, and click Enable.
-Go in Game (Make Sure you unbind Grenades from the middle mouse button)
-Get a FAL
-Hold down Middle Mouse button and observe the extreme pwnage that is the Automatic FAL.

 If you wish to Discuss this topic, and download the hack. Then go to this link: http://fkn0wned.com/forum/index.php?/topic/5752-mw2-fully-automatic-fal-hack-undetectable-w-source-code/ (You may have to register at fkn0wned, it's free and well worth it.)

MW2 Burst Fire Hack (Superseded by FAL Full Auto: Above)

Modern Warfare 2 Burst Fire Hack

Current Version: 3.xx

Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?utzmdjmjijo


-Added Presets

-Fixed Errors

-Now with 50% more Smiley Face!

-38% less buttfucking in regards to glitches!

-Still Kinda buggy... Needs input from users for perfect settings..

-Custom Presets Now available (Load and Save your own)

-New Trial Period thing added.. To stop hack spam.



A completely Undetectable tool used to turn the FAL, M9, USP, .44 Magnum and other Single Fire weapons into Burst Fire weapons...


The App uses a series of Windows API calls, It detects a user mouse click and according yo your settings will output as many other clicks simulataneously after the first click. Simulating Burst fire mode on some weapons..

Currently Has Presets for:




-.44 Magnum

But the app has a User Friendly Interface, Which allows you to set the settings up customly to your liking, and even to use it for other guns if you want..

How to Use:

1. Click the Download link on the Top of the page, Download it.

2. Unrar the .rar file

3. Double Click on the "MW2 Burst Shot Hack.exe" (The one with the smiley face). If you are on Vista or 7 make sure you run as admin.

4. Click one of the Presets Then Start the game, And use the O key to switch burst on, and the P key to switch it off. Or just click enable or Disable on the main window of the app ^^

5. Enjoy!

Trial Bypass/Free Registration:

The Trial will work in only 5 minute intervals..

To get the free key:

--> Just contact me on Skype saying that you are looking for the key, and I will give you the key.


-Try to re-install/re-unzip it.. DO NOT edit any of the files..

-Make sure all files are intact. Re-Install if neccessary

-Try installing C++ and VB Runtimes


Works With:

-Windows XP

-Windows 7

-Haven't Checked Vista yet :P



Coded by: Dark Savant

Made In: VB6



MW2 Name Colour Picker

MW2 Name Colour Picker

Current Version: 1.xx: http://www.mediafire.com/?nyzimztqwzz


A Simple little tool that allows you to choose which colour you want your name to be in MW2.


1. Input Your name

2. Pick Colour

3. Click Generate

4. The Generated Code will be placed in your clipboard, Simply Paste it in the Steam Friends Name Box.

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